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See the big picture

A unique source of information about climate variability, risk, and impacts

ClimBiz will provide a rich set of 21st century supercomputer scenarios of environmental variables illustrating the climate trends and variability that may challenge your business or provide opportunity. With these scenarios you can create simulations of future business performance that will help ensure resilience.



Agricultural Impacts

ClimBiz models demonstrate quantitatively how optimum regions for U.S. grains will migrate and evolve with projected changes in climate.


Utility Loads

ClimBiz scenarios of temperature and available solar and hydro energy over the 21st century will allow electric utilities to foresee demand and explore mixes of energy sources that may become more profitable as technology evolves.


Climate Change Scenarios

The international climate change projections are based on four scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting 21st century radiative heating rates, denoted here by Mild, Moderate, Strong, and Very Strong.



Which environmental variables are critical in your business? Are you most concerned about trends, volatility, or extremes—or all three?  


Increase in global temperature index from the 1880-1899 average to the 1995-2014 average.*
*NASA Data


Average annual decrease of global sea ice doubled in 1996-2016 to nearly 20,000 square miles from 8,300 in 1979-1986.*
*J. Climate 27, 9377-9382, 2014


Average rate of rise of global sea level during the past two decades.*
*U.S. National Ocean Service Data